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China’s internet highly vulnerable to Cyber attacks

The recent overseas hacking attack on chines internet infrastructure caused large number of requests to wrong pages for days, the question is was it a targeted cyber attacks or government inside job against U.S?

According to recent layer 7 DDoS attacks on a couple of U.S companies including Github. China has seen an increasing number of cyber threats on their network infrastructure which is highly vulnerable to overseas cyber attacks, internet users have reported that they being redirected to and when they try to access popular foreign websites, and among others, it’s difficult to trace the source of ongoing attack because technically is possible to carry it out by remotely controlling the servers previously infected with malware.

Last year the National Computer Network Emergency Response Tech Team Coordination Center, a nongovernmental organisation that is responsible for monitoring internet safety in China, has detected more than 1,500 major security vulnerabilities in telecom carriers servers, triple the amount that was found a previous year. This is a high potential for overseas hackers to establish a good botnet that could run layer 7 DDoS attack, for example, that we have witnessed in previous cases.

In a latest statement the center have said the redirection was caused because some of the telecom servers in China were corrupted with unknown malware, at this point it is impossible to estimate the damage it caused because “China Telecom” is the largest internet service provider.

China’s government need to take seriously this kind of cyber incidents that won’t be the last in a row, especially because it’s the second largest economy in the world and hackers have targeted the telecom carriers’ server that has rarely happen before.
Shen Yi a researcher at Fudan University added that China is focusing on improving Cybersafety for its internet users and infrastructure…

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