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Facebook Introduces Deep Text

Dynamic AI Text Engine Will Enhance User Experience

Facebook recently announced a new artificial intelligence (AI) system called ‘DeepText’ that analyses the content of individuals’ writing with a high degree of accuracy.

A technology such as this could automatically identify degrading or inappropriate speech.  This identification could then be used to censor material before it is published, rather than the current censorship procedures in place by the company.  This technology does not stop at user experience, it also helps the bottom line, as it will be used in Facebook’s advertising services.

For example, when DeepText identifies a sentence it understands you might need a ride, it’s going to suggest you make use of Messenger advertiser integration with services like Uber, or with that of local taxi advertisers.

If it detects that you are trying to sell something inside a status update, to take one example “I have used textbooks for sale, message me if interested.” DeepText would recognize that the user is trying to sell something based on the keywords and overall context of the message, perhaps taking into account an accompanying image uploaded by the user. No word yet on how Facebook might utilize post classification in displaying the post on group pages or friend news feeds.

What is known is that Facebook aims make use of classifying posts to make better recommendations to its users, both about related posts and related services on Facebook as well as to improve the overall user experience.

The deep learning-based text understanding engine is currently being tested on Facebook Messenger.  AI variations are already being used by the company in reporting mature content in pictures.

One of the most important stated goals of Deep Text is to allow for a reduced reliance on language based knowledge, as the engine will dynamically process information and effectively learn new languages without prior programming of the language.

However, it seems that the primary user-based role for Deep Text will be to remove spam and offensive content, and serve up more relevant material than it’s current trend and advertising offerings.

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