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Massive ddos attack hit github continues

github ddos attack

Github ddos attack

We know github popular platform for developers & coders around the world – was hit with a big ddos attack in the continuous 24h last night.

Appears to be hijacking http and redirecting traffic to two known projects that allow Chinese people access to the New York times. and well known group of people that fight against Chinese government censorship related to internet freedom.

Javascript that been infected was from Baidu user tracking code, same like google analytics code that’s not visible to people, but allowing us to track basic user information.

All the function was triggered from this file every two seconds to load random url’s

["", ""]

Thanks to [email protected] from insight labs for detailed investigation.

Result for Github a massive flood of traffic, which last for more than 24 hours before causing the partial outage. The attack is still ongoing as github reporting a new surge in the attack.

Github has recently reported on going heavy ddos attack, assuming same method we described above.

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