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Microsoft’s Answer to Cybercrime

Advanced threats and cybercrime will persist in this mobile-first, cloud-first era, but at Microsoft we remain committed to helping our customers protect their data with new and innovative identity and security capabilities.” – Official Microsoft Blog

Microsoft is – as it seems – starting to understand that mobile and cloud are the way forward. And with its crippled and failing mobile system making losses, they are pushing for a cloud solution and the security that must come with it, that will actually work.

In fairness, the Office 365 world is pretty good, in my opinion. But as with online services everywhere, with convenience comes a significant security threat.

Adallom, an Izraeli Cyber Security company specializing in software solutions that protect user identity,  seemed the logical answer to Microsoft’s worries.

Founded only in 2012, it has established a reputation for building security solutions that actually work and do so in real-time (not at a Post Mortem when it’s already too late and lawyers must be called).

Microsoft makes a point to put their focus on protecting their customer’s identity, which is perhaps a wise choice of words after the Ashley Madison debacle.

What made Adallom really appealing to Microsoft, was that its software does not only work for Microsoft’s own services such as Office 365 but also for GoogleApps and Salesforce, which is  a huge step up from their previous acquisition Aorato, which mainly focuses on Active Directory security. 

Microsoft is on a buying spree. It is acquiring company after company, startup after startup, innovation after innovation. The good old days of developing an OS that can do it all seem to be over.

So far this year Microsoft has had 7 acquisitions, that is more than twice as many as in the entire year of 2012.

With Windows 10 being “the last Windows”, Microsoft must now find a new leg to stand on. The Windows Phone sure was not the big push they had hoped for, so now is “the cloud” the last place to run to? 

Google never really gets out of court in Europe over privacy debates and other such inconveniences. Does Microsoft want to make it very clear to their audience that they are the secure alternative?

Adallom was not the only purchase which focuses on Cloud Security. In 2014 they bought Aorato, whose software was mainly designed to protect a customer’s active directory by learning the “normal” structure of the servers and network and then detecting “abnormal” behavior and flagging it as a risk.

It remains to be seen whether the push to the cloud will make Microsoft the big player it once was, again.

Certainly, they are aiming to be if not one of the big three, at least the most secure alternative to them.

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