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Your Location Has Been Shared with third parties

my location history

Many android users are using free or paid apps. Most of these people are unaware how many times these applications shared sensitive information with third parties and how frequently.

The experiment was conducted at Carnegie Mellon University shows how much people are aware and how they behave, when they know how often applications share information with third parties without them knowing. Permission manager that shows which applications and how many times they shared sensitive information. One alarming example shows location has been shared 5400 times with go launcher ex, Facebook, twitter, groupon and several other apps in last 14 days.

  • Stage one: 23 students involved and their app behavior data was collected on regular base as they used their android devices
  • Stage two: Installing application AppOps
  • Stage tree & final: They start receiving daily notifications, the frequency of their sensitive information was shared with third parties

After experimenting, participants were interviewed and were in shock. Are you kidding me, my phone following me around, does that mean NSA and rest spying agencies can spy on me easier with all this random application that have my location history.

my location history

People have no clue what is going on with their smartphones. When they realize the majority of applications they use, actually have access to very sensitive information then react quickly to change privacy settings. Participants collectively reviewed their apps permission with AppOps and restricted most permission on 76 distinct apps.

With application AppOps currently only for Android. You can review all applications and determine whether they allow to share location, media and rest sensitive information. We strongly suggest  being aware and install app we mentioned, check if you being followed.


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