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  • Symantec Security Response has learned of another Lazarus SWIFT bank hacking attack.  This time the victim is a bank in the Philippines.  Previous banks attacked include Banco del Austro in [...]


  • Cyber war is usually something we see in movies - but we are getting ever closer to this frightening reality. Now is the time to ensure there are rules and regulations.

    Cyber Warfare

    October 6, 2015

    It feels like science fiction. Still, after all these years, it feels like sceince fiction. Cyber Warfare. Yet, this concept which comes so easy to us when we think of movies, has little grasp in the [...]

Social Network Hacking

  • Corporations can now test how vulnerable their employees are to social engineering and human error.
    Ava is supposed to “test” how employees fight off social engineering – by tricking them and stalking their social networks. The implications are [...]
  • We use it every day, it is an integral part of our lives and for more than a decade now, it has grown to become as important to us as the coffee in the morning [...]

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  • Years after the suicide of two hacker geniuses, Jonathan James and Aaron Swartz, one question is still circling the online community: How come those two hackers both committed suicide after being charged by the FBI, and what is even more interesting, they had to deal with the same federal prosecutor? Two obituaries one prosecutor? Jonathan James (1983 – 2008), know as „c0mrade“, was an [...]
  • If you are a Mac user and not using MacKeeper, you probably seen it in some pop-under ads on spam or porn websites as advertisement and their infamous “Leave Page/Stay on This Page” dialogue, no wonder it been affected by 0-day emoemote code execution flaw considering what kind of ads campaigns they use for promotion… MacKeeper 3.4.1 and earlier are affected, the way it handles [...]
  •   Free VPN with over 9 Million exit nodes – total anonymity and free surfing of any blocked website. Sounds good? Think again. Israeli based corporation Hola VPN used its sophisticated system to exploit its end users and apparently made the biggest legitimate botnet network on the internet.  Hola VPN, a previously legitimate and actually quite good VPN service seems to have [...]
  • Radio Waves of Doom

    September 1, 2015

    We thought the day and age for the good old Radio signals were done and dusted, didn’t we? Long gone are the days, when we had to tune in to find the right frequency on your FM receiver to hear that favourite song or show. Well, according to research done in Israel, the days of FM radio waves are coming back – with a sinister twist to them. To break it down: Mobile phones (or any [...]
  • Hacker News Portal!

    February 16, 2015

    The Hack Times The Hack Times is a leading platform that delivers information related to cyber security, cyber attacks, hacker news, ddos attack, network security, completely run & maintained by one individual involved in this project. History of the idea: The idea was originally developed in early 2005 when I first attempted to create and run a social news website called [...]